Our Story

We love sweat - just not in our eyes.

No matter the sport or the stakes, everyone should be able to focus on their game, free from the distraction of sweat. NoSweat was born to improve how people work and play with effective, hygienic sweat-absorbent products.

When our founder heard his beer league hockey buddies were taping Maxi pads into their helmets to keep sweat out of their eyes, he began to research alternatives. Existing sweat liners were even less effective than his pals’ makeshift solution, cotton products didn’t fit under hats or helmets and got nasty real fast, and polyester didn’t hold sweat. Justin got to work on a super-absorbent, sweat-locking product designed to truly eliminate the distraction of sweat.

After a few months of working away in his parents’ basement, he developed NoSweat’s patented SweatLock technology that uses polymers to immediately pull sweat from skin, locking moisture and odor in an interior core deep in the liner, keeping helmets, hats and most importantly faces miraculously fresh and dry. With its simple peel and stick application, it couldn’t be easier to use.

Eventually, a prototype made its way to NHL star TJ Oshie, who became an ambassador for the NoSweat brand. Today, all 31 NHL teams are buying the product for their rosters and NoSweat produces a variety of liners that fit perfectly in helmets, hats, and visors of all kinds. NoSweat products are trusted by elite athletes in the NFL, MLB, PGA, WTA, and more, as well as hard-working professionals in the military, police forces, and construction.

NoSweat products are like good referees - they do their job right so you don’t notice them. For elite athletes, amateurs, and everything in between, NoSweat keeps your focus on the game.

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