Q: How many uses per liner?

A: Typically 3-5 uses. This can vary significantly depending on the weather, the person, and the sport.


Q: Can the helmet liner be used in any helmet?

A: Yes. The helmet liner is perfect for any helmet. Whether you choose football, hockey, baseball, or any other helmet.


Q: Can I cut the liner to fit?

A: No. Once you cut the liner, the embedded sweatlock beads in the liner will start to leak and the liner will no longer work.


Q: What are the terms of my subscription?

A: Subscriptions are a minimum of a 3-order commitment. After 3 orders, you may cancel anytime. Your first month is 50% off. After that, each month is 30% off. You can change the frequencies of deliveries at any time. Canceling early will pay out the remainder of your contract - you will receive the product immediately for the rest of your subscription. To make any adjustments to your subscription, please email info@nosweatco.com


Q: How do I manage my subscription?

A: Click here to manage your subscription. You will be required to login.